The Department of Molecular Engineering was founded in 1983, in response to the potential need for the development of high technology in the chemical industry. The Department currently consists of ten chairs covering molecular science and technology in the fields of biomolecular function chemistry, molecular theory for science and technology, quantum function chemistry, catalysis chemistry, photoorganic chemistry, photochemical reaction, molecular inorganic materials science, molecular rheology, organic materials science and theoretical solid state chemistry.

The curriculum of the Department is designed to bring students to the research frontier in each subject. Students are attached to specific research groups and engage in original research under the supervision of a professor. The research of the Department, in response to industrial needs, has a strong emphasis on the generation of new ideas and of their development to the point where practical applications are possible. An important feature is the integration of theoretical and experimental works so that experiments can be based on a proper theoretical understanding of molecular structures and dynamics at the electronic level and theoretical calculations can be related to important practical problems.